Wednesday, May 22, 2019

“How’s that book coming along?”

Hello, everyone! It’s been five months since I last updated this blog, and I hope I haven’t lost too many of you during this hiatus. As I announced in the previous post, I’m taking a break from blogging so that I can work on a book based on this blog!

When I announced that back in January, I had no idea how many obstacles lay ahead: debilitating, unexplained leg pain; a few days’ stay in the hospital; further radiation treatments; and all the energy-sapping stress that comes from chronic medical issues. On top of all that (or because of it), I had a nasty bout of procrastination.

However, around late March I found a new determination to make this book happen. I began to use a day planner to set concrete goals and schedule time for writing every day. That’s when the book started to take shape.

A bald woman sitting in front of an open laptop, looking at the screen in concentration.
Me, hard at work, writing at the local coffee shop.
Thanks for all those Ko-fis!
As it stands right now, part of it will be a discussion of the larger clichés of classical music, such as  all composers being dead, white, men, and this style being associated with the upper class, elitism, and snobbery. Then I devote a section to bad science applied to music—or science applied to music badly. Finally, I get to the classic debunking of specific myths, sorted by composer.

If you’ve been reading this blog, most of these topics will be familiar, but reading the book will be a new experience. Though I’m planning to revisit many of my most relevant posts, I am improving them: updating them with recent research, incorporating feedback from the comments (You readers know your stuff!), and expanding the discussions so the chapters reflect some unifying themes of the book.

Also, since no one would want to buy something they could get on the internet for free, the book will include exclusive content. One of the reasons for my break from blogging is that I need that fresh, original content for the book!

But the book is still in the future. In my burst of disciplined writing, I’ve drafted all the components of my proposal. Right now, they’re being looked at by trusted colleagues who’ve kindly offered to give me feedback. My contact and I are hoping to send the proposal to the publisher by the end of the month, and then…we’ll see!

The feedback I’ve gotten has been very positive, but then, so far it’s coming from my friends. Nevertheless, I’m very excited to be working on this book, and I hope you enjoy it once it eventually exists!

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